First Time Players

What to expect

Airsoft is a military-themed action sport similar to paintball where opponents must eliminate each other by firing lightweight plastic BBs from low powered airsoft guns. Unlike paintball these plastic BBs do not contain paint, and they are propelled with much less energy than a paintball. There is no physical player to player contact in airsoft at Section 8.

We are a UKARA approved site and have full liability insurance.

The world-famous airsoft-cameraman and videographer, ScoutTheDoggie has a channel of airsoft videos, most of which were filmed at Section 8. These will give first time players a good idea of what to expect.

Section 8 prides itself on being a welcoming site to players new to the sport of all ages and backgrounds. We also pride ourselves on being a site which caters for a much wider age range than most other airsoft sites.

The game day runs from 9am (aim to be on site for 8:30) until 5pm,  (daylight, weather and player numbers permitting).

Players Under 18

We have many players under the age of 18. Due to the restrictions of our insurance policy all we ask is that you read and comply with the instructions here. (Minimum age to play at S8 is 12)

Standard Equipment Rental Package

Section 8 have, high quality rental equipment for players, who wish to take advantage of our equipment rental option.

Players who rent our equipment will get the use of:

A full steel AK-74-SU airsoft assault rifle. 1 bottle of 3000 quality BB’s. A full mesh face mask. This is shown in the picture below.


(Please note that camouflage clothing is not included).

Cost to Play

Currently the Standard Equipment Rental Package costs £40 per player. This includes equipment rental and your “green fee”. and one bottle of 3000 quality BB’s (which will last all but the most trigger happy player, all day).

Our Premium M4 Rental Package includes an M4 Airsoft Assault Rifle with red dot sight, full face mask, 3000 premium bb’s, 1 extra High Cap magazine and a chest rig and includes your “green fee”. Currently the Premium M4 rental package costs £65 per player


For players who are experienced and have all their own equipment, the cost of the “green fee” only is £20.

How to book you place

It’s really easy, all you do is go to our events calendar and find the game day or event which suits you. Then simply book the tickets and pay via PayPal. You do not need to have your own PayPal account to pay. There is an option to pay by card on the PayPal page. Sorry, if renting, you cannot turn up without pre-booking.



Recommended Equipment

We strongly recommend that you wear boots, as the terrain can be very hard on trainers and your feet and ankles. Dress appropriately for the weather forecast. Expect to get muddy and damp.

Camouflage clothing helps you to hide, but it is not as useful as many new players think. Just try not to wear anything brightly coloured or white if you want to sneak about. Jeans are fine, black or grey is better.  Please do not wear anything red, as this colour is used as a warning in game and this could cause confusion.


Please note that if you are taking advantage of our equipment rental option you cannot use BBs that you bring with you. Our equipment is very high quality and we insist that only high quality BBs are used in it. We sell high quality BBs on site from £7 per bottle of 3,000 should you need them.

Rest assured that we are looking forward to welcoming you to Section 8 airsoft.