Section 8 Airsoft – Rules

Airsoft is a military simulation proxy contact sport played with honour, integrity and honesty. Unlike paintball we do not rely on a mark being visible to determine if we have been successfully hit. Hits are a judgement of the players’ ability to hear and feel the strike on them or their equipment. An inability to determine if you have been hit fouls the games honour and trust. When hit taking is poor and trust fails the game falls apart ruining the experience and fun for everyone. It is your responsibility as a player to ensure you can judge when hit by a BB and that you are also vigilant should other players nearby be hit without them knowing so.

Please ensure that you are on site and ready in good time. Any late players who are not signed in before the safety brief will require to be briefed while the first game is being played and join in on the second game. The day runs to the following schedule:

Site open 8:15am— Sign in Open 8:45am

Eye Protection and Safety

Eye protection must be worn at all time when outside of safe areas, be suitable for use in Airsoft and be worn correctly. Under 18’s must wear full face protection (one piece) and under 14’s must be accompanied at all times by an over 18.

  • Full face protection is recommended also but not a requirement if over 18.
  • Full seal eye protection is recommended.
  • Eye protection must be suitable for use and worn properly. Any excessive gaps or improper wearing will result in player being removed from play on safety grounds.
  • Should an under 14 be eliminated when in game the over 18 supervising must call hit also and vice versa.
  • Airsoft is physical, please know your own limits physically and play within them.
  • Man down” call is reserved for real world injuries or emergencies. Please only use this if someone is hurt or injured.
  • Please make Staff aware of medical conditions prior to the day’s gaming.
  • Please do not blind fire, this is dangerous and non-sporting. You MUST be able to see down the sights.
  • Only over 18’s may use Pyro. Please read, understand and follow all instructions on them.  If you are not 100% sure, please ask Marshall’s for guidance.
  • Please do not use any 0.12g or low quality BB’s, metal or glass is prohibited also. If in doubt ask.
  • Weapons must be kept unloaded unless instructed to ‘lock and load’ by a Marshal prior to the start of a game or in a designated firing range area. No firing in safe area and no magazines in guns in the Safe Zone, this includes pistols in holsters.
  • We recommend that you wear long sleeved tops, trousers and suitable footwear (not trainers or thin soled shoes), and you play at your own risk should you chose to ignore this recommendation ,you also forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever, without limitations that you might have against Section 8.

Playing Area and General Site Rules

For your safety please do not enter taped off areas, climb trees or structures. Bridges should be crossed with care and terrain navigated within your ability.

  • Game and site boundaries are explained in a pre-game brief. Please ask a Marshal if you are unsure.
  • Please do not shoot any wildlife.
  • As we are in Scotland please be vigilant of the general public exerting their right to roam. If this happens please call for a Marshal and make them aware of the situation immediately.
  • Please take rubbish home or dispose of at the site bins located at the safe area.
  • Car parking is limited, we appreciate your patience with this. So priority is first come first serve. We have an area you can offload and keep gear if you are parked at the upper end of the road.
  • Marshals will have ID cards and/or wear florescent vests please speak to them if you have any specific requirements or issues.
  • Groups or teams of more than 6 players, MAY be asked to separate into different teams.

Standard Game Rules

If you are struck with a BB please SHOUT hit, raise up your hand, stand up (if not already) waving your ‘dead rag’ or hand to signal. It is your job to make the player whom has eliminated you aware of your status in game, not theirs.

  • Dead rags are compulsory and must  be red and large enough to be identified easily, and will be provided if required.
  • To avoid “overkill” please allow eliminated players a chance to remove their dead rag, raise their hand or compose themselves when eliminated. When the player calls hit, raises hand or uses dead rag stop engaging that player.
  • If a player has not made their in game status clear with a dead rag or arm clearly raised then they are classed as in game.
  • Your equipment, helmet, LBE, holster etc. are all an extension of you. If it is hit, so are you. Direct hits to your rifle do not count however.
  • When you are eliminated you may not communicate to other players unless calling for medic.
  • Medic rules require a white bandage to be applied to the arm to revive a dead player.
  • ‘Bleedout’ occurs if you are waiting for a medic and are not attended to within two minutes. You may not bleedout prior to this 2 minutes as this gives your team an unfair advantage.
  • A grenade will instantly kill every player within 5m (15ft) radius, unless behind hard cover. If you were waiting for a medic you are now dead.
  • Knife Kills – must be soft rubber/foam. To achieve a knife kill you must TAP you opponent on the back or shoulder, and wisper “Knife kill”. Do not stab and not throw. If you get knife killed you DO NOT CALL OUT HIT. You are instantly dead (no bleedout) and return to respawn.

Sportsmanship and Conduct

Airsoft is an honor system with a close knit community. Failure to conduct yourself in a sporting, respectful and becoming manner will impact everyone’s safe enjoyment of the day. We appreciate the difference between aggressive play and aggressive behavior however please respect all players in and out of team when playing. Everyone has different levels of enjoyment and involvement.

  • Any physical or threatening behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Anyone under the effect of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to leave site.
  • If you feel someone is not playing by the rules please inform a Marshal immediately. Please retain a description of player to enable us to identify and take action. Please do not take this action yourself as this will and can lead to a difference of opinion leaving the matter unresolved and creating animosity.
  • Marshals will take honesty shots on players randomly throughout the day. Any players that have been reported will also be honesty shot. If you pass an honesty shot you will be told to remain in play and why you have been tested, should you fail this will be recorded and you will return to the safezone.
  • Head shots are discouraged ,but allowed ONLY, if there is no other part of a player visible.
  • ‘Bang rule’ is not used at Section 8. Please place shots at close range onto torso and avoid head shots.

Gun Rules

We expect everyone to ensure they are within the limits set by the site before playing. This is to ensure safe and fair play for everyone, ignorance is not an excuse and can be potentially dangerous. Chronographs are available for use from site opening to close.

Muzzle Energy Limits

These are HARD limits.

  • Full auto capable guns and pistols – Under 10m, single shot only.
  • Semi auto only capable rifle( DMR ) –  30m min engagement.
  • Bolt Action rifle – 2.32 Joule –  30m min engagement.
  • We have no rules on bursts or support weapons however ‘overkill’ is taken seriously.
  • Semi auto only capable rifles >1.67J (excluding bolt guns) must keep to a ‘one shot per 2 sec’ delay.
  • Weapons will be randomly chrono’d throughout the day. Any guns exceeding the power limit will be removed from play and a warning given to player.
  • No lasers may be used regardless of wavelength/colour in game.