Consent Form

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When you complete this form it will automatically email the disclaimer and permission form to your Parent or Guardian. You must then have them printout, read and sign the form. Then you should bring that signed form with you and hand it to us before you start to play.

We will check EVERY form, therefore:

You MUST use real information.
You MUST make sure that you enter the information correctly.
Any attempt to enter ANY false information on this form will result in you and anybody else who colludes with you receiving a PERMANENT BAN from the site and in the interests of safety other airsoft sites will be informed. In this event you and anybody else who colludes with you, will not receive a refund on any tickets which have been booked.

This must be the FULL name of your parent or legal guardian, it cannot just be any adults name.
e.g. Mrs Jane Smith

Make sure this is correct, or they will not receive the permission form for them to sign.

e.g. 100 Main Street, Anytown, AT1 23W.

The person you have named above has what relationship to you? e.g Parent

What is your FULL name? e.g. Robert Smith

in the format dd/mm/yyyy

This only applies if you are under 14. You need to nominate a responsible adult who will accompany you AT ALL TIMES and be entirely responsible for your safety and behaviour at S8. If you are over 13 type "over 13" in this box.
e.g. Fred Brown

in the format dd/mm/yyyy

type YES or NO (in capitals)

















Do not enter or change the information in this field