Nothing is more informative about a business than its customers.  This is what our customers say about us…


“Real life COD or if your a battlefield guy you’ll love this even more.” D.M.


“Best there is in Scotland” J.W.


“The best place to play in Scotland.” S.M.


“My first time at section 8 and what an awesome experience, the site is huge and has an equally huge variety of terrain, staff were great, will definitely be back.” J. R.


“My local airsoft site. Good friends and fun times. Always a great days airsofting.” M.L.


“Good bunch of organizers and everyone’s so nice.” S.M.


“Hands down THE place to play airsoft in Scotland, and I’d even say every airsoft player in the UK should make the trip to play at least once.
The site itself is brilliant, 1400 acres of woodland makes for a beautiful arena to play on and although the terrain can be muddy and tough to cross in the rainy months this is easy to look past, as the place is amazing. Lots of well made bases, Canadia being my favourite.
More than that, though, is the people. Never before have I felt so welcomed into a new activity than I was the first time I played here. I met a good group of guys who in turn introduced me to loads more, all within a few hours of me starting.
The site owner, Neil, and Head Marshall, Ricky, are two of the nicest people about. Both are very passionate about airsoft and their dedication to the sport shows in how fantastic every game day is.
I could talk about the site all day, but obviously these have characters limits and I don’t think I’d stop otherwise. The site is fantastic, the team running it are exemplary and the people who play are fantastic guys. To me, Section 8 is a second home where absolutely anyone is welcome. It’s like having an extended family numbering in the hundreds – who also enjoy shooting you with small plastic pellets.” G.M.


“Best British airsoft site! 5 stars!” S.W.


“Great site, it was the first site I played when I started airsoft 2 years ago and I’ve been playing there ever since, great marshal team.  Amazing game mode variety. Players are mixed usually a very good mix of regulars and new players and if required the teams will be balanced. 9/10 games are tense and close to the wire lots of action going on. Overall a great set of players lots of familiar “ScoutTheDoggie stars” It doesn’t surprise me that players from around the globe come to Scotland to play at Section 8.” S.W.


“Absolutely amazing, staff and other players are very friendly, as a beginner I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at Section 8 and always get a good laugh while playing. 10/10 S.B.

Have been playing there for 6 months. Marshall’s are all really good and friendly. Games are really well run.. A great day out. Hard work but great fun. Can’t recommend it enough.” T.M.


“The best airsoft site I have played in. Would recommend it’s to all Airsoft players.” I.M.

“Started playing in December very friendly site all the marshals and other players are brilliant always there to lend a hand with any issues you may be having always have a great day out whenever I go, varied games every game day keeps it interesting would recommend playing here to anyone.” I.C.


“Had a great day great intro into airsoft couldn’t fault anything was made to feel very welcome by the team and other players defo will be back and would definitely recommend going.” C.W.


“What a great place. Every second Sunday cannot come round quick enough!. The staff and the players are very friendly, welcoming and will go out of their way to help you. My Son has now joined me as he is now old enough and he has a brilliant time. Very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday.” A.H.


“Rated as one of the Best Airsoft sites in the world for a reason Always 70+ people rain or shine Highly Recommend !” A.S.


“Smashing site, every game day is different. Staff and regulars always friendly,encouraging and always on hand with help and advice. Stimulating games that keep you entertained throughout. I’d call this site my local if it were a pub….” P.G.


“Well, like many others I discovered airsoft through the venerable Scoutthedoggie and through those videos one site stood out to me – Section 8. That first game was 7 years ago and although I do occasionally play elsewhere, I call Section 8 is my airsofting home. The culture is genuinely inclusive, whether this is your first airsofting Sunday or you’re a 7 year veteran, S8 welcomes all. A.D.

Great site full of friendly people. Look forward to finally getting back again” I.C.


“Great site. played here many times and it just seems to get better each time. the site has certainly come a long way. especially in the last year. can advise trying this site to anyone that hasnt already. friendliest site I’ve ever played at.” C.C.


“I’ve been playing airsoft for many years and I have to say this is the best woodland site myself and the rest of the team have played at. Great staff and fantastic gameplay. You would have to have rocks in your head to not want to return. Well done to S8.” A.D.


“Amazing experience, great people both the marshals and the players.” C.P.


“A great site with a focus on customer service at their forefront. Games are regularly changed up to keep game days fresh and new players are welcomed. Give it a try if you’re a regular player, come along and try if you’re not. You may just get the buzz!!!” A.C.


“Brilliant site, run, marshaled (and owned) by some of the nicest bunch of folk you’re ever likely to meet. If you get a chance at all, you should definitely play this site. As a new player I was openly welcomed by a good number of players who were more than happy to help with advice and recommendations on equipment, gear and suppliers.” R.R.


“Have been going to section 8 for years and have to say that it’s the best site I have played at. Players are a great bunch of guys. Marshal’s are always friendly and helpful .” M.D.


“Been playing airsoft at Section 8 since March 14 & I’ll never forget my 1st day. I was made most welcome as a “newbie” & since then I’ve made some great friends along the way! I started airsoft at S8 & I can see why we’re voted one of the best! We have a fantastic Marshall team & all the players are awesome! By far one of the best days out is playing airsoft at s8:)!” S.H.


“This has been the site i have played at since I started, lots of friendly people and the games are fun and varied and there is a wide variety of different terrains as the site is huge. I recommend anyone interested in the sport or anyone looking for a site to play at to give section 8 airsoft a try”. L.

“Section 8 holds 1400 acres of land for you to discover, it has various bases for you to attack and defend and the games are always different. The build structures of the bases and other parts of the site like the safe zone, are very well built and constructed.
The owner “Neil” and all his staff, do an amazing job on game day with games, hire guns and most of all, making sure you are having loads of fun, even the regular players at the site will be glad to help you out with any questions or gun problems, that’s how friendly the site is.
And of course Scoutthedoggie is at the site most of the time to capture you on camera, and make you famous among the airsoft world, like our own hit wonders RyanKScotland, Ricky and Daedalus 2 reviews “ W.C.


“Great playing place and awesome people would totally recommend section 8 to anyone.”  B.H.


“Best site I’ve ever played at.  Great bunch of guys to play with and always run smoothly.” P.M.


“Great site . People are friendly . Marshals do their best to keep things going and to target no hit takers . They also try their best to keep the games from getting boreing . I traveled many sites before i found section 8 and now i can say its my 2nd home . When the big section 8 family welcomed me in from the very first game day there i knew that was the place for me to stay 🙂 we welcome all kind of people aslong as you bring good manners and a friendly smile :)” M.K.


“Super welcoming to newbies, great first experience, would recommend”. J.C.


“Staff are very friendly good all round experience and safe environment plus the site is 5 star such a huge array of playing fields definitely would recommend from the novice to even the most advanced weekend warrior.” A.W


“If Carlsberg did Airsoft sites it would be nothing like this because even Carlsberg could not brainstorm the brilliant games and zones that S8 has to offer. This site is well established and one of the only sites in the UK which can muster over 100 players every fortnight.
I play here as much as possible but alas work & family takes precedence, oh to be young, and care free once again. Everyday its full of friendly faces who will do anything to help you out. 
The highlight of my S8 playing was to play in the legendary game that was “DayZ”, Nothing will come close to the feeling of being chased by zombies in a dark forest while every human you see wants you dead and your stuff.
Not to mention the youtube legend that is Scoutthedoggie frequents here and you can see from his videos just how epic the site at S8 is.
If you come to play and leave disappointed then you must suffer from the inability to feel joy and happiness.
This is one of the best airsoft sites in Europe.” A.N.


“Best site in Scotland that I’ve been to. Professionally run, friendly people (both marshals and players alike). Most staff at other sites seem to get a kick out of the authority of their position but here it is plain to see that they’re just wanting to make sure everyone has a laugh — a real breath of fresh air!” K.S.


“Great time had, every time. Big numbers attending on most game days (100+ players), good variety of game zones on a huge site. Marshals are always excellent. Safe, honest fun.” C.A.


“I have been there almost every fortnight for the past five years. Great bunch of guys and gals. It does not suffer from the cliques, elitism and politics that so many sites suffer from. This must be why there are usually 100+ players at every game, and why it is the home site of the World famous ScoutTheDoggie.  No site is perfect, but this is pretty close.” A.M.


“Marshalls and Owner make you feel welcome and the games extremely well thought out. No other place I’d rather spend my Sunday.” M.F.


“Best airsoft site I have ever been to. Great atmosphere, everyones friendly and the games are excellent.” D.C.


“Best Airsoft experience in the UK. 100+ players every fortnight and 1400 Acres of prime woodland.” R.K.


“My son and I have played at Section 8 for the last few months and I have nothing but praise for both the professionalism and friendliness of the staff and marshals on site.
Not only have the marshals been friendly and helpful but all other players I have spoken to have been friendly, helpful and made the whole experience much more enjoyable than I had anticipated (as a newbie to airsoft).” P.S.


“Had an amazing time, was my first experience with airsoft and section 8 made it extremely fun for me. Staff were great and the players were helpful and willing to assist. Didn’t get my bearings during the game but now that I’ve played it and checked the online map I should be able next time to do some damage mwhahahahaha “ S.J.


“It was my fourth game day at Section 8 today and I can’t praise them enough. The site is very popular and I can see why: great place, friendly marshals, awesome bunch of people playing there. I’m really thankful my friend Michal showed me this place and airsoft as such. Can’t wait to play even more :)” V.B.

“Had a great time, staff and other players were very friendly and helpful to a bunch of first timers.” C.S.

G.M. My Boy and I had a ball yesterday. Great fun! “ G.M.


“I’ve played my first 3 games of Airosft at Section 8 and don’t think i could’ve picked a better site to start at, marshal’s are professional friendly and fair and new players as well as experienced players are both well catered for. Game days are well organised and the games are well thought out, always look forward to coming back to section 8 and can’t wait for the next gameday!” D.R.


“Superb sight, friendly staff, well run, great location, great players, well worth the trip over from N.I. for the day . Will be back over later this year.” D.A.


“Brilliant site, great people. Well worth the massive drive from the other end of the country. Will be going back!!!” T.L.