Find Us

The postcode for the school at the bottom of Dura Road ( The road upon which the site entrance is situated ) is ML7 5AB.

This is Dura Primary School, in the middle of Allanton.

Turn up Dura Road, so you have the school on your right ( The old-style red phonebox here is a good waypoint ) and the stream bed on your left.

Follow Dura Road for approximately 2km until the road dips whilst turning left and passing under tree-cover.  PLEASE  NOTE THIS IS A SINGLE TRACK ROAD WITH PASSING PLACES.  Please drive with care and consideration for other road users.

Here you will see a ruined church on the right hand side, opposite a red/brown metal gate with attached wooden horse-bridge on the left.

This is the site entrance – Due to problems with local vandals, we do not use any signage here so please watch for the red/brown gate!

The Forestry road from this gateway, up to our playing area single track with zero chance of cars passing. If you are dropping players off, please be aware that we operate a one way system until 10:00 am, if waiting until then doesn’t suit, please drop them at the gateway, from where they can walk up in a few minutes.