Member Discounts

Here are discounts which are available exclusively to S8 Members.


GoArmy [link]

To get your 10% off (exclusive deal to Section 8 Players) at use code SECTION8 it works both on their website and in person in the shop (recommended !!)


ActionHobbies [link]

S8 members receive a 5% discount. You can claim this by, either phoning your order and mention that you are an S8 member or add “5% discount Section 8 player” to the comments box when ordering online, and they will refund the 5%.


ShootnScoot [link]

S8 Members receive a 5% discount in person or on the phone for orders over £50. Ask for your “S8 Players Discount”.

When using the website to order, enter the coupon code “5offover50and enter your S8 Membership number (e.g. S8 Membership Number S8A12345) into the comments box. Failure to do so may mean removal of the discount.

This is a limited offer.