Welcome to S8

Gamedays 14b (November 22nd) and 15b (December 6th)  are cancelled due to latest Scottish Government’s travel restrictions. Emails will be sent to everyone who has an affected booking.

Welcome to the website of Section 8 Airsoft, the largest, most well known  Airsoft site in Scotland, and among the biggest in Europe. Section 8 boasts  many features and a considerable variety of terrain available for play.  We have regular ‘Walk-on’ gamedays every 2 weeks, with a selection of rental packages to choose from.  We run a  large variety of game modes and areas to keep things fresh and entertaining.

Take a look at what our customers say about us https://www.s8airsoft.com/testimonials/

Rental tickets for walk-on days need to be booked well in advance to avoid any disappointment as we do get very busy.