You should keep in mind that the UKARA process and its rules are not controlled by Section 8 Airsoft and you are entirely responsible for managing your own registration. We are simply making S8 Membership available to you to help with that process. We offer no guarantee of acceptance, time to process or coverage.  UKARA is a way to prove that you are a ‘regular skirmisher’ under the guidelines laid down by the home office.

UKARA define player eligibility as “having attended at least 3 gamedays in a period which exceeds 2 months, and within that last 12 months”

ie. the dates of your first and last gameday  MUST  be MORE than 2 full calendar months apart, and none, longer ago than a  year.

The form can be downloaded from here:
Please return the completed form and hand in to Neil, Ricky or Martin on a gameday.
Once we have confirmed the details we will authorize and add the player to the UKARA database.

There is an ongoing commitment, as your UKARA eligibility expires 12 months after your first registration. To renew this eligibility, you need to have played 3 gamedays in the eligibility period.

Membership of Section 8 can be revoked or withdrawn at any time, without notice or communication.