Under 18’s

Section 8 are one of the few sites in Scotland who make under 18’s welcome.

At Section 8 our ethos is to make airsofting accessible for as many people as possible.

However due to the conditions of our site insurance, there are special permissions that you must get before we will allow you to play at Section 8 Airsoft. Do not book a ticket until you are certain you can get these special permissions. If you do, you may not get a refund. The minimum age to play at Section 8 is 12.

Because of your age we ask that you provide us with written consent from your parent or legal guardian for you to participate in the event. If you are under 14 this written consent will also nominate a responsible adult, aged 18 or over who will take full responsibility for your safety and behavior throughout your time on site at Section 8 and they will be with you wherever you go.

This link will take you to a PDF

Parental consent form

Have your parent or legal guardian printout and sign this form and bring it to the site on your gameday.

Airsoft is an action sport and that like any action sport comes with it’s own risks. Clearly, running around 1400 acres of woodland, firing airsoft guns at each other carries a potential for risk. Your parent or guardian needs to be made aware that Airsoft is an action sport with risk. Your parent or guardian must make their own assessment of the potential risks and accept that it is their responsibility to accept those risks on your behalf. If they do not accept responsibility for the risk, they should not sign the consent form.

Restrictions for UNDER 18’s

Can I use pyrotechnics?

No sorry, you cannot use pyro of any type.

Will you really check the consent forms? Can’t I just fill it out and tell you my parent signed it?

We check every single one. If you are caught giving false information on the form you and anybody else involved will lose any money paid and you can expect a permanent ban from the site. We may also inform other Airsofting sites in the interest of safety.

What sort of mask must I wear?

You must wear  a full face  (one piece) mask. Separate lowers and goggles is not sufficient for our insurance company requirements, although if fixed together by means of cable ties etc they are.

How long does the consent form stay valid for?

Until any of the details on it change, at which point you will need a new form with your new details to be able to play.

Extra restrictions for UNDER 14s

If you are under 14 (but at least 12) these restrictions apply to you in addition to the restrictions for Under 18s

Who can be my responsible adult?

Anybody aged 18 or over, who is known to your parent or guardian and who they are willing to assign responsibility for your safety.

What happens if my responsible adult doesn’t show up on game day?

You can only play with a responsible adult who your parent has consented to being responsible to you and have completed a consent form to prove this. Therefore, sadly you would not be able to play.

What happens if I get shot and need to respawn?

Your responsible adult will also have to respawn. Similarly if they get shot and need to respawn you will also have to respawn. In other words you must accompany each other at all times.

Does my responsible adult also have to pay to play?

Yes, and they must accompany you at all times.

What if I am sent off site due to bad game play? e.g. Cheating or Unacceptable Behavior.

Your responsible adult must accompany you off site. Similarly you will accompany them if they are sent off site.

What if I am injured?

Your responsible adult will be responsible for your care and safety at all times and informing your parents if you are injured.

Can I play in the dark, during ‘Night Games’?

No sorry, that is not open to anybody in this age group. During play in darkness you must return to the Safe Zone with your responsible adult.