By law, anyone wishing to purchase or manufacture a Realistic Imitation Firearm  within the United Kingdom must be able to prove that they have a legitimate reason for ownership. Those wishing to purchase must be over 18 years of age.

( A RIF is defined as a replica weapon in the correct scale and colouring, as opposed to “2-tone” rifles which are legal for purchase by anyone over the age of 18, but must by law be at least 51% brightly coloured… Primarily green, blue or orange.  )
Section 8 Airsoft operates a membership scheme which allows registered players to buy RIFs from approved retailers, and also allows those who wish to have their details added to the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association‘s database to do so.

To be eligible for membership, a player must attend three games over no less than two months – So if a player’s first game was on the 1st of January, so long as they have played a minimum of three games in the intervening period, they can join on the first gameday in March. Membership is free of charge.

To apply, please complete the Membership Form, and bring it to be stamped at any gameday you attend.

Once you have had your paper form stamped three times, it will be retained by us. You MUST then fill in the online version of the form. Once we have ensured that the details on your paper form and on your online form match, we will email you your S8 membership number. DO NOT FILL IN THE ONLINE FORM UNTIL YOU HAVE PLAYED YOUR THREE GAMES! Please note : If you mis-spell your email address, we will be unable to contact you to let you know so check it and double-check it before you submit the form.
Please allow up to 5 days for processing, depending on your email provider, and our levels of business.

[ We recommend that players who wish to buy RIFs also add themselves to the UKARA national database – further information on that can be found at Airsoft sites CANNOT add you to this database, it can only be done by a retailer – Although many retailers will sell RIFs to over-18s after confirmation that they have site membership, UKARA membership speeds the process considerably. ]

Membership is free of charge – However, it is each player’s responsibility to renew their membership within 12 months if they wish to continue to be able to purchase RIFs.
To renew or update your membership details, simply fill in this online form after your attendance at any game day. – Players can renew at any point once they have their initial membership, and if UKARA registered this will renew your entry on the database for 1 year from the date of renewal.

Retailers often used by our players include:

Action hobbies :

Airsoft World :

Fire Support :

Landwarrior Airsoft :

Midas Airsoft :

Wolf Armouries :